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Since 1986, Venture Engineering has been cultivating relationships with local and national lenders who offer financial support for commercial, industrial, farming, multi-family and other property real estate transactions. As an important, and often non-negotiable act of due-diligence, a lender may require their client to provide various reports before the purchase of a property, after the purchase of a property, or anytime during the construction of a property. Whether a lender requires a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (“ESA”), a Phase II ESA, a building assessment, quantity surveying services or any other information associated with the financing or risk level of a property, Venture Engineering can be contracted to provide the necessary documentation and reports.

Canadian Lenders with whom Venture Engineering is Approved:

Lender Name Accepts Venture Engineering’s Environmental Assessments
(Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, Phase III ESA)
Accepts Venture Engineering’s Building Assessments
(Structural, Roofing, Mechanical, Electrical)
Accepts Venture Engineering’s Quantity Surveying Reports
(Including Project Monitoring & Management)
ATB Financial X X
Bancorp Financial Services X X
BMO Bank of Montreal X X
Business Development Bank of Canada X X X
Canada ICI Capital Corporation X X X
Canadian Western Bank X X X
Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit Union X X
CIBC Mortgages Inc. X X
CMLS Financial Inc. X X
Citifund Capital Corporation X X
Connect First Credit Union Ltd. X X
Cedar Peaks Mortgage Services X X
The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada X X
First National Financial LP X X
General Bank of Canada X X X
Harbour Mortgage Corporation / HMT Holdings Inc. X X
HSBC Bank Canada X X X
Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial Services X X
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia X X
JayCap Financial Ltd. X X X
KV Capital Inc. X X X
Laurentian Bank of Canada X X X
Moskowitz Capital Mortgage X X X
MCAP Financial Corporation X X
Manulife Bank X X
National Bank of Canada X X
Paragon Capital Corp. X X
Peace Hills Trust Company X X
Peoples Trust Company X X X
Pencor Capital Corp. X X
Pioneer West Acceptance Corporation X X
RBC Royal Bank of Canada X X X
Roynat Capital Inc. X X
RGA Life Reinsurance Company of Canada X X
Servus Credit Union Ltd. X X X
Scotiabank Commercial Banking X X
Sterling Bridge Mortgage Corp X X
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada X X
TerraFund Financial Inc. / Terrapin Mortgage Investment Corp. X X
TD Commercial Banking X X X
Timbercreek Mortgage Service / Timbercreek Asset Mgmt X X
Trez Capital Corporation X X
Canada Life Assurance Company (Great West Life Assurance) X X
Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation X X
CapLink Financial Corporation X X
Romspen Investment Corporation X X
Canadian Mortgage Loan Services Limited X X
Pacific and Western Bank of Canada X X
Firm Capital Mortgage Fund Inc. X X
Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. X X
ROI Capital Ltd. X X
Liberty Mortgage Services Ltd. X X
Bank West X X
BCMP Mortgage Investment Corporation / Pencor Capital Corp. X X
Kingsett Mortgage Corporation X X
First West Capital X X
CDPQ Mortgage Investment Corporation X X
Canadian Mortgage Servicing Corporation X X
Bank of Nova Scotia X X
Institutional Mortgage Capital X X
Addenda Capital Inc. X X X
Ironwood Mortgage Investment Corporation X X
G&E Vending Ltd. X X
Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation X X
DLC Commercial Capital Inc.  X X
First Calgary Financial X X
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company X X
Montrose Mortgage X X
Bannatyne Asset Management X X
Canadian Property Holdings (Alberta) Inc./Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust X X
Column Financial Conduit X X
First National Conduit X X
Merrill Lynch Conduit X X
RBC Financial Conduit X X
TD  Securities Conduit X X
MCAP Conduit X X
Metropolitan Life Insurance X X
Capmark Conduit X X
Mortgage Intelligence X X
The Rohit Croup of Companies X X
Carevest Capital Inc. X X
Canada Life X X
Cobra Mortgage Services Ltd. X X X

Is your lender on the list? Contact Venture Engineering today to get your due diligence process started. If your lender does not appear, contact us to discuss how we can provide the information and credentials required to obtain approval from your lender of choice!


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