The Roof Inspections for Edmonton Real Estate

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The roof of any commercial property is expected to provide a waterproof, energy efficient surface that protects the building itself, the assets it contains and, of course, the safety and well-being of its tenants. It is also one of the most expensive components of a building’s structure and diligent maintenance of it and its component parts is crucial. Thus, the roofing system inherently elevates itself to being a vital component within the complex and interrelated building envelope,

Venture Engineering offers roofing assessment services for commercial properties to its clients via two options:

  1. Option 1: The roof inspection is a standard subsection of the Building Condition Assessment (“BCA”) delivered by Venture Engineering. Every BCA completed by Venture Engineering will contain the roof inspection within it.
  • Option 2: A commercial property owner can commission a standalone roof inspection by Venture Engineering, focused solely on the existing roofing system and its deficiencies, state and material useage. This is a good option for a client looking for either a one-time status report, or annual roof monitoring and maintenance.

No matter which option our clients choose, Venture Engineering’s roof inspections include an estimated remaining life span with a suggested maintenance schedule and estimated budget such that a proactive maintenance plan can be implemented.

What is a Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection documents and details the roof’s current condition, its defects, its risks and potential future costs; whether for compliance, maintenance, lending, real estate diligence or insurance purposes. Due to the fact that the roof is one of the most critical yet expensive maintenance features of a building, monitoring the performance of the roofing system and proactively planning its lifespan in the short, medium and long term can help an owner to maximize and maintain the value of the investment while saving time and money.

The roof inspection report is a useful tool that evaluates the roof type, usage, weathering, age, complexity, and any unique features while also providing answers to the following questions:

  • Are there visual leaks in the system?
  • Which roofing restoration/maintenance activities are required in the short, medium and long term?
  • Given the current condition of the roof, when should a replacement be budgeted and planned for?
  • Is retrofitting the roof a viable option?

What is Included in a Roof Condition Assessment Report?

A roof inspection as conducted by Venture Engineering is systematic and backed by 30 years of experience in inspecting commercial roofing systems. The deliverables of the roof inspection report include:

  1. The completion of a visual, on-site inspection of the roofing system.
  2. A description of the current roof system, its materials, component parts and its overall workings including drainage systems.
  3. An explanation of identified defects including:
    1. Evaluation of the roof membrane (the material that helps in the removal of water from the roof of a building) including an estimated age based on visual signs of ageing.
    1. Identification of the deterioration or delamination (splitting apart) of roofing materials.
    1. The impact and status of roof seals and flashings surrounding various kinds of roof penetrations. Common roof penetrations include: chimneys, pipes, skylights, exhaust fans, vents and air conditioning units.
  4. A roof life expectancy analysis.
  5. An actionable and concrete maintenance plan, if necessary, that includes:
    1. Level of priority
    1. Timeline (short, medium, long term)
    1. Suggested cadence
    1. Estimated budgets
  6. Photos documenting the current state of the roofing system.


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