Why Should I Have a Roof Inspection Done as part of the Building Assessment?

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Due to the expensive nature of an entire replacement, a roof’s lifespan and the lifespan of its component parts can be extended by regular and reliable maintenance. This mindful type of scheduled upkeep can help avoid unforeseen costs such as:

  • Leaks that damage the building’s interior and exterior while simultaneously disrupting normal operations.
  • Completing higher-than-usual, costly repairs due to rushed timelines or suboptimal weather patterns.
  • Unnecessary contracting costs due to insufficient time to properly negotiate labour and materials.
  • Loss of warranty coverage for costly defects which otherwise may have been covered.
  • Lack or time or resources to be able to conduct a fair and numerous RFP bid process in order to choose the most reliable and trusted provider.

By conducting a roof inspection, areas for regular maintenance can be identified with a suggested level of priority, as well as budgetary expectations being managed with the estimation of the remaining lifespan for the current roofing system.


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