Roof Inspections: Cost and Time to Complete

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Choosing a firm to conduct a roof inspection is choosing a relationship where experience and reliability should be weighed strongly.  As the inspections are, ideally, completed year-over-year, level of experience, longevity of the firm and professional judgement coupled with quality of diagnosis and advice can all help to maintain this expensive portion of the building’s envelope system.

On average, backed by nearly 30 years of experience, a roof inspection conducted by Venture Engineering can cost starting from $1,200 and upwards (depending on size of building and square footage) and takes approx 1 week after booking the site inspection. 

Although we advise our clients that it is advantageous to conduct the assessment in the spring season following the snow melt, so as to capture and track the effects of harsh Canadian winters while also leaving time to conduct repairs and maintenance in the summer, the roof inspection service is offered all year round. Contact us today to schedule your annual roof inspection.


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