Our Process In-Detail


Venture services to the Financial Companies encompasses all facets of the finance including providing the company construction budgeting services, inspections during construction and inspections for refinancing of existing buildings.

Our complete service includes:

* Review all final working drawings, specifications, soils report and other relevant materials
* Report on the adequacy of the str¬uctural, electrical and mechanical systems
* Review and approve final project costs budget submitted by the Borrower
* Review and approve the survey plot plan, construction schedule and soils report
* Review the developer’s soft costs budget as submitted and evaluate the reasonableness of the budget
* Review the design criteria
* Compliance with building codes and zoning regulations
* Completeness of plans and specifications
* Report and evaluate progress of construction
* Report any deficiencies noted during construction inspection
* Evaluate conformance with plans and specifications for the work in place and the adherence to the construction schedule
* Certify the General Contractors progress payment for work in place on the project less builder’s lien holdback and that amount of work to be done does not exceed the remainder of the loan
* Visually inspect existing building structures for structural, electrical and mechanical defects prior to approval of mortgages
* Cost Replacement Reserve Funds for Condominiums
* Evaluate and review the mortgage requirements for the building structure


Quantity Surveying: An Introduction

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