Light Gauge Metal Design

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Venture Engineering’s light gauge metal design capability encompasses all types of metal decking and cladding profiles, including various systems for the support framing for these profiles.

Venture Engineering Services can complete preliminary design for a variety of stages. From the various light gauge systems prior to the tender stage as well as during the tender stage we can get the work done for you.

Able to provide an evaluation of various support structures, Venture Engineering can support your project whether you are using light gauge Z-bars or Channels and Hat sections.

We are able to offer you an evaluation of supporting structures for new cladding or decking on existing structures as well and can give you different alternatives for your different types of structures.

Venture can also design explosion panels and explosion wall cladding and roof structures for the various conditions your structure might fact and we can shop your drawings for the various light gauge systems and co-ordinate the construction and inspection of the various elements.

In short, Venture Engineering is the partner to choose when it come to your Light Gauge Metal Design work. We have a number of capabilities and can provide the support and design services you are looking for.


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