Municipal Engineering Services


Venture Engineering has a network of municipal and transportation engineering service providers it works with to provide you with quality engineering support. Our capability encompasses all phases of your Municipal Engineering Project including planning, preliminary design, construction supervision, and project management.

Preliminary Engineering Services include the coordination of geotechnical investigations and a detailed survey for the final design.

With the experience and professionals we have at our disposal we can develop agreement negotiations and review the local development policies and obtain all of the approvals for you project. We can also assist in obtaining municipal approval of plans and provide cost estimates for the construction, municipal assessment, and engineering that will be required. Venture Engineering is also able to assist our clients in obtaining a development agreement from the local municipal authority.

Venture Engineering Offers detailed design and drafting of engineering drawings for servicing and we can submit the plans on behalf of our clients for municipality approval. We will follow up with the municipal personnel and make any necessary revisions to obtain the various municipality department approvals.

Venture Engineering will prepare your tender documents and upon client approval, will call for all tenders. We review the tenders and make recommendations for the award of contract.

Having Venture Engineering on your team means we will review the contractors bonding, insurance, and other documents making sure you hire a quality contractor.

On Site Inspection and Layout is an important part of your project and where Venture Engineering really shines. We will provide the on-site technical personnel to layout the work. We will also inspect the work for compliance with contract documents. We liase with sub consultants and other department inspectors to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Venture Engineering will provide general engineering supervision during construction. We prepare and certify progress payment certificates and will report and meet with our clients regularly on progress and costs to date.

By liasing with the contractors on progress we ensure good workmanship and timely completion. We provide and forward all documentation to municipal authority and will apply for and obtain construction completion certificates for each improvement. Venture Engineering will issue construction completion certificates to the contractor on completion of the assigned work.

Venture Engineering will provide As Built Drawings/Record Drawings and will revise construction drawings to reflect “as built” condition providing copies to client and municipality upon completion of the project.

Venture Engineering has the knowledge, experience, and a network of engineering services professionals and contractors to complete your next municipal construction project. Select Venture Engineering and you can rest assured our Municipal Engineering Services Team will take your project from design, to municipality approval, the completion certificates on time and under budget.


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