Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Cost and Time to Complete

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When conducting the due diligence required during the purchase of a property, cost and deadlines may have a high impact on the deal. It is important to understand and plan accordingly for these inputs such that the appropriate timelines and budgets can be allocated.

Many of our clients return to us not only for the expertise that we bring to the project, but also for our efficient turn around time in getting the final report in our client’s hands – We understand the fast pace required when it comes to deals in the real estate marketplace.

We have conducted Phase I ESA’s throughout Alberta, including Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and surrounding areas; as well as neighbouring provinces. Our prices are competitive and our turn-around time to complete is very attractive to our clients. Give us a call today at (780) 484-1974.

We offer very competitive costs and time to complete. Give Venture Engineering a call today!
We offer very competitive costs and time to complete. Give Venture Engineering a call today!

A Phase 1 ESA conducted by Venture Engineering costs, on average, $3,000 to $5,000 and above. Inputs that affect our pricing include:

  • The Environmental Assessor – Our clients value the competence, experience and qualifications associated with Venture Engineering. Leading financial lenders typically accept environmental reports certified by qualified environmental consultants, and Venture Engineering is the provider of choice for many institutions. A low Phase 1 cost does not guarantee acceptance of the report; so be sure to validate credentials with your financial institution.
  • The Age of the Property and/or Building(s) – Since part of the reporting process requires government searches and the review of extensive historical records, the length of time required in investigating these directly impact the Phase 1 ESA cost.
  • Travel Time – Time and costs associated with out-of-town site visits or the access of difficult locations are charged accordingly.
  • Number of Buildings on the Subject Site Property Parcel Size – Due to the site inspection involved in the Phase 1 ESA, the number of buildings and size of the actual land parcel directly impact the estimate provided.

When engaging an environmental firm to conduct your Phase 1 ESA, consider experience, reputation, qualifications, methodology and reliability in addition to base cost; while validating the acceptance of the report with your financial lender.


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