Phase II Environmental Assessments

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If the Phase I Environmental Assessment reveals the potential for environmental contamination either due to subject property’s condition or operations from a neighboring property, a Phase II audit is implemented. Based on the information gathered in Phase I, Venture Engineering and a multi-disciplinary inspection team will assess the specific environmental concerns at the site.

In a Phase II Environmental Assessment, samples of air, water, soil and building materials are collected and sent for analysis. Depending on the site’s use and condition, one or more of the following studies may be conducted: underground storage tank testing, soil and groundwater sampling, asbestos assessment, lead paint testing, geological survey, indoor air quality testing, industrial hygiene survey, community noise survey and regulatory compliance review.

Preparation of the Phase II report is based on the information gathered by the inspection team, and including laboratory results, quality control and assurance documentation; and presenting any further investigation or remedial action.


The ESA: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

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