We Do Structural Engineering, too!

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You can count on Venture Engineering to provide you and your company with a comprehensive structural and building design service. Our association with top architectural firms and engineering contractors ensures we are able to offer the best integrated design and supervision service packages available. Whether your need is for architectural design, structural, mechanical or electrical engineering, Venture Engineering can hook you up.

Venture Engineering’s Site Analysis Service provides a thorough inventory of the topographic, vegetative, and climactic design considerations for you project to properly assess any potential development constraints and opportunities that should be investigated before moving forward. We are also able to provide a geotechnical investigations that would be required as part of the site assessment.

Conceptual Design at Venture Engineering includes as many discussions with the client as necessary to go through all of the different design alternates. We then will prepare a conceptual plan that lays out all of the different alternatives. After you select the alternative you would like to pursue we will then refine the project and firm up the specifications you are looking for.

Venture Engineering can help you with any Municipal/Provincial Development Constraints that your project may be facing as you move forward. We can assist in the review of any applicable local development policies and will conduct a thorough assessment of your site’s servicing potential.

When you are applying for your Building Permit many client’s find it is useful to have Venture Engineering coordinate the work necessary for a successful approval of the building permit. We can coordinate between the different engineering contractors to ensure your project permitting is approved on time so you don’t spend money having crews waiting for permits.

Construction Drawings are a critical component to the success of your project and Venture Engineer will help with the refinement of the conceptual plans to bring the structure your are wanting to build up to acceptable engineering standards. We are able to coordinate with other engineering support services and our in-house structural design team provides excellent support with the aid of technologically advanced computer facilities.

Venture Engineering Construction Supervision program works with a progress payment certificate system ensuring project gates are met before payment and we also coordinate engineering support services to keep your project flowing smoothly.

When something goes wrong you need to know right away and our Reports on Building Problems keep you in touch with your project. We will frequently visit the construction site and report on the “actual” condition and prioritize the urgency of repairs or shifting of construction priorities. We also will conduct a proper evaluation of the problem and provide various alternatives and recommendation on the most cost effective and appropriate solution.


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